We love Rottweilers and we breed for the betterment of the Rottweiler Breed. We focus on producing the highest quality Rottweilers that we can. While breeding for temperament, traits, and show dog conformation, we mix in a unique fundamental puppy stimulus training that creates gorgeous, smart, confident, and well-rounded Rottweilers. Our Mommy Rottweilers and Studs go through and are cleared for all health tests and are physically and mentally the ideal dog.

As we hold our breeding to a very high standard, we required that the new families of our puppies do the same. If anyone is interested in breeding a puppy that you have gotten from our litter, please read your contract carefully. Majority of the puppies have a limited AKC registration which means you cannot register an AKC litter (without our permission) if you decide to breed.

We take this breeding very seriously and if you would like to breed you would need the pay the additional breeding fee, get your dog all the required health clearances, wait until they are of age, and breed to another dog that has all its health checks as well. I know this might seem like over-kill for some people, but we do not want to encourage backyard breeding. We want our Rottweilers and their legacies to remain top quality.

Having a litter of puppies is a full-time job for us.  It takes a ton of training, stimulus, handling, and conditioning, as well as regular cleaning up, shots, nourishment, and vet visits.  We do not support the breeders that hardly interact with the puppies and keep them isolated until they are of age to go.  This type of breeding is cruel, irresponsible, and will lead to many puppies having anxiety and other behavioral issues in the future.

So please, if you want to breed a Ruhenstroth Rottweiler puppy, do it the right way, and reach out – We will help you.

If you purchased your pup as a pet only and did not pay the breeding fee your contract states that it is your responsibility and obligation to spay or neuter your pup when the vet has deemed them of age.  We also ask that you please send us a copy of the vet paperwork for our records as well.

Again, we love our Rotties, take great pride in them, and only want the best for them! Thank you! <3