The Francis Family

Our Philosophy

We love Rottweilers! We love their personality, devotion, and chill attitude! Our dogs are raised in our home with our family in a natural environment. Our puppies are exposed to a variety situations that help them to become well rounded and confident adults.  Daily, we work with our puppies on socialization, potty training, sound sensitivity, stacking, trust development, etc. Please check out our full list of Early Puppy Introductory Training here!

Our breeding program focuses on temperament, conformity, and socialization. Parents are from champion lines, and are certified on hips, elbows, heart, and eyes.

Our Story

Our story started back in 1987, when we purchased our first Rottweiler puppy. Odessey was a complete joy to our life. By 1991, we adopted a handsome male, who bonded quickly to our family and, in 1992, we had our first litter of beautiful AKC Rottweiler puppies.

When our third child was just an infant, I remember watching him climb all over Clause, our sire, on the front lawn. He was so patient with my small son. Richard could grab and pull on him, without a reaction from Clause. As Richard crawled away from the dog, Clause got up, walked over, and sat again with the infant. The Carl series of books remind us so much of our experiences with Clause.

We have a large, loving family where each member enjoys taking part in the development of our pups from basic care to training techniques. Our family lives about an hour south of Reno, Nevada, USA.